Thursday, 8 March 2012


churidar stitching.

guys,lets learn how to sew an ordinary churidar.first you take the new cloth and fold it in the breadthwise then fold it in the take the churidar from which you wish to take the measurment.fold it in breadthwise.put it on the cloth carefully.don't allow to disturb both of them.

1.Length   : add 2 inches more.
2.Neck      :less .25 inch in the breadthwise;
same as the measurig churidar in the lengthwise.
3.Shoulder :add .25 inch more.
4.Armhole :add 2.5 inches more.
5.Chest      :add 2.5 inches more.
6. Lowerchest :add 2 inches more
7.slit                :1.5 inches more
8.flaire             :1.5 inches more
First cut the length of the cloth;then cut the neckpart carefully.then shoulder,arm hole[there is a slight defference in cutting the front and back part of the armhole.cut .25 inch more from the front part;lower area],cut the body part according to the mark and finally cut the flaire.
Sewing the neck is important in churidar be careful when you are stitching this part.take an extra squire piece and attatch it towards the outlooking part of the cloth.stitch the neck carefully in the desired way.fold the piece to inside and lock there to the lining cloth.then attatch shoulder,attatch sleeves.start stitching from the end part of sleeve and stop at the slit point then turn stitching.fold the back part of flairre twice and start sewing.after completing the stitching the churidar top is ready.

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